Unlock Your Potential with The Simple Idea Club™

What If Together We Are More Than Enough?

What if we cut through the Chaos and Keep It Simple?

Connect, Empower, and Succeed in a Community of  Entrepreneurs, Difference Makers, and Solution Seekers

Join our carefully curated space for like-minded individuals to collaborate, grow, and overcome common challenges. Our focus on simplicity, personal connection, and tailored guidance ensures you have the support and resources you need to achieve your goals.

Accelerate Your Success with Our Exclusive Community

  • Collaboration with a diverse network of entrepreneurs and change-makers, fostering invaluable connections and partnerships that drive success.
  • Exclusive access to a wealth of resources, including expert-led workshops, proven strategies, and cutting-edge tools to help you navigate challenges and seize opportunities.
  • One-on-one mentorship from seasoned professionals, providing personalized insights and actionable advice to accelerate your growth and achievement.

Do you value keeping things simple?

We do, and we know that when you have a clear goal and 3 simple steps to take, you can make progress. The Club will help you set goals and then find ways, make ways and be shown ways to accomplish them. One of the ways is to consider key questions, here’s two to get started:

What goal are you most committed to completing this year?

What about in the next 90 days?

What do you get when you join The Club?


Grow in a community of like minded people.


Draw from a growing store of online resources.


Guidance from trusted people and accredited partners.

When you join today you’ll get:

  • A personal relationship manager – they’ll be your personal point of contact to help you with any queries in relation to The Club. They’ll get to know you, your circumstances and opportunities and help you navigate the network and opportunities you have as a member.  (Special bonus – For the next 50 Founder Members your relationship manager will be Simon Hedley personally.).
  • 2 Groups Calls A Month (live with recordings made available in the store)
  • Access to the online resource store where we’re adding more resources
  • Access to our network of trusted people and accredited partners
  • Bonus – Access Pass for FreshFlow.co on 9/9 (RRP £120)
  • Special Secret Bonuses For The Next 50 Founder Members


Decades in the making, The Club has been fine-tuned through our own experience as entrepreneurs, exclusive partnerships and internal use. Now opening to new members, you have a unique opportunity to influence its evolution and tailor the benefits to your needs. Join us at this pivotal moment and help shape the future of The Club.

Why did we launch the club?

Discover and Share The Simple Idea that Makes The Difference™

The simple answer is we are committed to help, and to make a really grounded difference. This has to happen at an individual level as well as at a wider “ecosystem” level.

After more than two decades working with people that were genuinely here to do good and create value in the world as entrepreneurs, difference makers, and solution seekers – we know there are common frustrations, overwhelms and things entrepreneurs are “sick and tired of” that stop us from succeeding. We also know that simple ideas can help make the difference with those things.

Fundamentally business and life is a “team” challenge .. we’re not supposed to live and work alone.

The journey can be very lonely – at all stages of launching a new business. Even when things are successful there are few people that have the right community.

There are many problems and we are here to create and be the solution.

TheSimpleIdea.Club is the easiest way to make these simple ideas and solutions for people who are ready to commit to making things work.

Who are the members of The Simple Idea Club?

The Simple Idea Club was founded by Simon Hedley. He’s a Chartered Accountant by training with a decade of experience working in banking, and more than two decades supporting founders and entrepreneurs. You can learn more about Simon at www.SimonHedley.com

We currently have members in the UK, USA, Canada and Globally.

Our members included entrepreneurs, investors, founders, authors, speakers, publishers, professionals, teachers, and more. We really are open to anyone joining who is committed to learning, growing and sharing – in short to being a successful Entrepreneur, Difference Maker or Solution Seeker.

You can see a selection of current members here.

Simon Hedley

The Simple Idea is focussed on one thing.. discovering and sharing what can Make The Difference™.